Not Who

When I first met Cathen Andrews, he told me that I was exactly the kind of girl he’d expect to find at one of his band’s shows. Then he told me I was exactly the girl he wanted at his show: jumping in the crowd, huddled up close to the stage, the load of bangles and … More Not Who

Hats Off

(You’re correct if you guessed that it’s kinda late and that I should be asleep (and/or working on my novel that I’m almost done with!! (!!!! (more about this a little later)) and that I’m sitting here eating something that maybe I shouldn’t be eating (in this case it’s a Ramen noodle soup (the cup … More Hats Off

Month Past Due

I am now a month 20. I didn’t plan this (as in the whole thing where I fell off the face of the earth for  month and left my millions of readers hanging). It just sort of happened. See, the day after my birthday began my last three days of school which kicked off finals … More Month Past Due