To Start My Year Again

I hate to be just like everyone else (even though i will be the first to say that I probably am just like everyone else), but I’ve decided (like most people) to create a New Year’s Resolution. I have one so far which I have decided has been to write more (because since I hope to possibly make writing a career, actually sitting down to write is a must) because I don’t write as often as I should. And that’s why I’m sitting here looking like i am one of those teenagers who can’t put down their phone. I can, I really can. I’ve just been looking for boots online (I have also developed a bad online shopping habit (but that’s what Amazon Prime will do to you (and sad emotions))). I am sitting here fulfilling the first day of my New Years resolution (even though the day is technically over).

I do not, however, really believe in celebrating the new year, so making a New Years resolution is not really my thing. I may just be bitter because my family doesn’t celebrate New Years and the last couple years I’ve been stuck on my couch either on a Netflix Binge or reading a book during the BN era (Before Netflix), but I really do believe that New Year’s Eve and Day are a little like Valentines Day. Just a little pointless. (And no I am also not a bitter girl who never has a Valentine on Valentine’s (because even if I did I wouldn’t want to celebrate).)

I tried tracing back when my dislike for New Years celebrations began. And it just so happens that ever since I’ve been old enough to make a New Years resolution, my resolution has been to lose weight (except for the start of 2014 when I had just been dumped by a boy and beaten down by my first semester of college (I was so sad that I had taken to feeding my emotions with cookies and pancakes and such)) and it so happened that every year I planned to lose weight I did just like most and didn’t shed a single pound. So I gave up and this year was the year that I realized that New Years is a completely pointless holiday. If it’s even a holiday because I don’t know.

I’ll tell you how I spent my New Years holiday and I hope it doesn’t bore you to death but as I mentioned before I was on a ten hour Netflix marathon. I spent my last day of 2014 laying in my bed devastated over the fact that I’m not done with Grey’s Anatomy yet, but I still know that (this is a spoiler) Christina Yang leaves at the end of season 10. I was so depressed that I stopped and watched several movies instead. I can’t remember the names (okay I can, I’m just too lazy to type them, but they were good movies), but I like those independent movies. They don’t typically disappoint. Then, at around 8, my mom sent my dad and I to pick up a chai tea for her because 45 degrees is below freezing in South Texas. And after, I climbed back into bed (to write, mind you, but I wound up watching Netflix until the last fireworks stopped popping (which was at 2AM how frustrating is that?))

Now, to start my year (don’t worry I’m almost done boring you), I woke up and (in yesterday’s mascara and yesterday’s leggings (I’m lazy I’m telling you)) went to Target with my dad where we went straight to the Christmas section because everything was 50% off, so we spent (an amount i won’t tell you) on Christmas candy and sausage and cracker sets. Annnndddd then I climbed back into bed for another round of Grey’s. I swear to you I am nearly ready for medschool (I just need the rest of season 9 and all of season 10).

Sorry to put you through this cheap blog post. My New Years was boring, and slightly lonely, but I suppose I have never had a problem with being alone, but there is no one else I would have rather spent my New Years holiday with than my bed and my laptop, and of course, Meredith Grey.

Happy New Year to all my tens of millions of readers.

You’re welcome, I’m back.


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