Day In the Life

I’m at the public library as I write this (and yes I say write because I am actually writing this down in my handy dandy notebook (i love this notebook but hand writing is so annoying (my writing is terrible))) and I accidentally just shot a lemon seed at a woman at the computers.  I’m drinking lemon water and a seat got caught in the bite valve (I’m drinking out of a pretty purple camelbak water bottle), so I prodded at it and tried to squeeze the hole open enough to squeeze the seed through.  The seed shot through the hole before I could grab it and it shot up and over (projectile motion style) and hit a lady in the head, so now I’m writing in my journal so I can pretend like I was busy this wholllleeee time (but this must be why there are no food or drinks allowed in the library (I’m a rebel, what can I say?).

I’m not busy though. In fact, I just got up from where I was sitting and went to another room in the library because I’m here for the writing club meeting I’m supposed to be attending (it’s called The Write Stuff, how clever right?). So now, instead of sitting near the lady who probably has a seed in her hair that she can’t find, I’m surrounded by…..older people (or elderly, or old folk, or senior citizens (or plain ole’ old people that’s who I’m with)).  The club has thus far has consisted of five old people, four middle aged, two who are not yet middle aged but also would not consider themselves young adult, and there’s me, the young adult.

It’s an interesting club. We write some and then critique each other’s work (except I’ll be honest I never give critique, I freak out thinking no one wants critique from the nineteen year old). Today I even got some of my own writing critiqued and it was cool (okay I hated it. I hate getting critiqued! THAT WORD WAS MEANT TO BE THERE. I’ll admit it’s helpful though.)

You know what. I decided to recap my boring day for you just now. I woke up late with an intense headache (maybe from partying too hard last night? (I’m kidding, I don’t party (unless ignoring the world for hours while watching hours upon hours of netflix is considered partying))) and then proceeded to lay in bed for three hours while I debated whether today was worth getting up for (It wasn’t but I ended up getting up anyway). I did get up and then mascara-ed my eyes (because me and mascara are soulmate have I mentioned this?) while watching more Grey’s Anatomy. I DID THINK about being productive and then wound up on the couch watching more episodes (I’m on the last that Netflix has to offer (exciting or what?)). In fact, I decided that my headache was a good enough excuse to not do a single thing. So that’s basically what I did for five hours and then thought maybe I should make some dinner.

I whipped out some frozen fish filets and made some rice pilaf (that for my first time was pretty delicious). My mom didn’t eat dinner and instead went out to eat with her friend (took my dad with her (jerks)). So basically they really missed out.

After that was when I took off to the writing meeting (OKAY I GOT DROPPED OFF. (the car I drive is currently being worked on)) where I listened to the painful critique of my story (or half story which I think is actually pretty good….).  And after the writing meeting I (easily) convinced someone to go get coffee with me. It was a good coffee thing (I’m not really sure what it was except that It was something coffee-like). I proceeded to talk his ear off for four hours (the words just never stop, I can’t help it). And now I’m watching my dog sleep (except as I typed that he heard something and got up and is now annoyingly crying at the door (it’s like he knew I typed that and wanted to make me miserable!)).

So, basically, this was a day in the life of Laura (in case by some slim chance you wanted to you know…know about a day in the life of laura (I’ll be honest though it wasn’t typical because the typical thing for me to do is stay home and sulk over the fact that I’m at home because no one likes to invite me places (but I am not about to throw a pity party here!!))). It was pretty boring and then fun and also slightly productive (because I do actually think that getting to season 10 was an accomplishment but maybe that’s just me).

Oh wait, I forgot to say I spent an hour scrolling through famous people’s instagrams (and wishing I was them because seriously I’m still waiting to get famous over here (I really should be famous (ask anyone!))).

Sorry I just bored you with 871 words of nonsense (if you made it this far….we will probably fall in love one day (you are a lucky person)).


One thought on “Day In the Life

  1. Nah, not boring. Sounds like a super busy day o_o. I can’t stand busy days… Especially when I’m off work.

    I wish there were writing conventions where I live. That sounds super fun.

    And rice pilaf… sounds amazing right now. V_V Its 4am where I am… but I work night shift… so UGH!

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