Bye Bye Birdy

I’m writing. I’m in the bath. I’m in the bath and I’m writing. I have a snazzy lifeproof case on my phone (which I haven’t tested yet, so here’s to hoping I don’t drop it or damage my phone completely) so there was no reason why I shouldn’t multitask. You see I meant to do this post earlier (roughly about eight hours ago) and I never did and I thought I might let one slide but then I realized writing is a lot like exercising: that one day you don’t will leave you feeling guilty as ever (unless you’re me in which you feel no remorse for such a thing and continue on your merry way perhaps a little pudgy (I know I used to run but I fell off the workout wagon)), so you know I had to write in this thing today.

I guess we can talk about something I’ve thought about lately (by lately I mean last night) which has been high school. Yesssss high school (as in the four years my mom said would be awesome and when I hated it and complained all four years, swore she had never said such a thing (“I said college would be the best years of your life!” (which it hasn’t been by the way))). Well, high school and Twitter.

I used to have a Twitter but when it was popular to be on in my school, I was still a Facebook enforcer (I was not going to let go! The switch from MySpace to Facebook has been hard enough!!), so I got a later start to Twitter. When I did get around to being a tweeter, though, it was glorious. I was glorious. My tweets were AWESOME! (Of course I would like to think so (okay let’s get real, I know so)) And Twitter was okay for a while. I read funny tweets and I posted funny tweets (I want to say I got to around 9-10K (all which were sheer brilliance)), you know and that went i for a while, until of course we got older and I left to college (and then came back (again, another story)) and lost touch with so many people. There were a lot of empty plans made (empty plans, you know, the standard “I miss you!”‘s and “lets hang out!”‘s and then never actually do anything) and a lot of “I feel obligated to tell you I miss you too”. And a lot of those all happened over Twitter.

And then everyone started to say the same things. Suddenly everyone had the same feelings and the same personalities and–let’s get real, that’s not who you are, you’re just trying to be like the next guy. And you know I’m probably just like everyone else too. But then one day I saw it (on Instagram, not Twitter): the picture of my old speech team with our old speech coach all looking pretty at a nice restaurant and there was only one thing missing.


I didn’t even get invited (not that I would have gone, but an invite is always nice right??!???)! And then I wondered why I was so upset. And so I went to go look at all their tweets, read about how much fun they were having hanging out everyday (and with high schoolers too, we are graduated why are you still hanging out with high school kids (reminder I’m being really bitter right now, if you hang out wit freshman in high school then good for you!)) and all I did was get angrier. That’s what Twitter did for me. It got me upset (don’t you? Reading all those stupid posts that make you want to slap whoever tweeted them with a cast iron skillet filled with hot wax?) which is completely stupid right? (You can say right.) Because if Twitter was so stupid and if it got me so angry, then why was I on it (besides to follow the cute emergencies page (page with cute animal pictures) and David Boyd (lead singer of new politics who I am completely positive wants to marry me))??? So I did it.

And I’ve done it before (the whole get angry, hate the world, delete Twitter as if anyone cares and think someone will notice and text you asking if you’re okay (no one ever notices or cares (and why doesn’t anyone ever ask me if I’m okay!!!))), but I’ve never lasted, so this time I marked it in my calendar (right next to my Time of Month start date haha (TMI?)) and told myself I could do it. And I have been. And am I cured? (No.) Do I feel any better than before? (No, no one cared or noticed.)

In fact, just the other day I thought back to all my friends on Twitter and you know what my immediate thought was? What friends???? I followed roughly 202 people and off the top of my head I can think of four who were actually my friends! I was friends with 1.98% of the people I followed (just did the math)! And those 1.98% rarely tweeted, so I was basically reading stupid people’s tweets.

(I’ve been ranting and) I realize I have yet to talk about the whole high school thing and I guess I realized that I have now left high school completely behind. Twitter was a part of high school that I let go and I kinda do feel pretty good about that (actually okay it’s bittersweet cause you see all those movies about being friends with high school friends forever and haven’t you always wanted a movie life?). With the exception of 3 friends (who have actually been friends since middle school so technically they aren’t counted as high school friends), I have otherwise left the whole high school deal behind.

Twitter you will never anger me again!

And as I wrap up this completely pointless rant, I would just like to say…….(okay I don’t have anything to say really.). So even though it’s now January 11, happy January 10th everyone. You’ve survived 2015 for 10 days so far. (The pessimist in me is upset because there are still 355 days left in yet another stupid sucky year)

My bath water has gone cold ( so I’m going to actually bathe now instead of sit in here awkwardly (I’m awkward when I’m naked)). Au revoir!


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