Or Maybe

It is  2AM and I am two hours past due for my daily post. My dog is crying at my door again and I’m stuffing my face with Ramen noodle soup (do I ever stop?). Basically, this night (or morning if you see fit) is quite lovely. Aside from the dog crying, I’m nestled in my bed with my cool sweater on (it is not actually cool and actually has snot all over the sleeves because I’m barbaric and also don’t own any tissues) and if you look at the soup as cozy (and cool and hip on this cold night instead of looking at it as the master behind my fleshy thighs and love handles) and picture me eating it daintily like a flower that can eat (instead of some not skinny-not fat girl stuffing her face after hours) then I am actually in the perfect place right now (aside from the fact that it’s three in the morning and I’ll probably be tired tomorrow morning (I’m trying to get back on a wake up early routine so I’ll be ready when school comes back around next week (sucks I know))).

And along with the late night I have a serious case of “What am I supposed to talk about”. It’s not writers block, because one of my I guess…writing mentors told me she doesn’t believe writers block exists so you know, I’m trying to pretend it doesn’t exist to me either.  There are topics I would love to broach. I would love to give advice but I don’t know what to give advice on.  Or I would like to tell you some empowering story about one of my learning experiences that might help you but to be honest I haven’t really learned anything super awesome. So you know what I just did right now? I looked up “Things girls talk about”, because I’m a girl and I’m talking right? Plus Google has all the answers (except for the time I googled how to flirt  which is not helpful so don’t do it). But I found a list of questions that someone put on the internet as: List of Topics To Talk To a Girl About, so you know what, I’m going to be lame and uncreative and I’m going to give those a go (well maybe just a couple).

– What do you think about love?
Nothing really (I have never really been in love or anything soooooo)

– What’s your favorite band’s name? or musician?
New Politics (hands down the best group ever, plus they have the most beautiful lead singer)

– When was the last time you cried?
I am a girl (so basically I think it was like two days ago because someone hurt my feelings (though this question doesn’t ask why I cried (THIS IS A DUMB QUESTION TO TALK TO A GIRL ABOUT))).

– What do you want to do in your life? (Get into philosophical questions)
I have a dilemma and I don’t actually know………(I’m only nineteen (and I’m not as ambitious as I should be) we have been over this).

– What’s your favorite color? Does a guy sound gay if he says it is purple?
Red and no? (why would it matter if a guy sounded gay for saying purple why would anyone judge anyone based on their favorite color is beyond me)

– Do you have a pet?
Yes dogs!!!!

– What’s your favorite Superhero?
Harry Potter if he counts.

– Do you brush your teeth twice a day?
Yes but I hope this isn’t a first date question

Okay IF THIS WAS A FIRST DATE I WOULD HAVE BEEN SO BORED ALREADY THIS IS NOT A JOKE. Okay so that wasn’t all of them obviously, and I’m boring you I know. I’m terrible sorry. But HERE IS AN UPDATE ON MY LIFE!

For the second time in my life someone has suggested that I was a lesbian……which I am not (not that being a lesbian is bad but I am full fully fully attracted to boys like I would lose my virginity to the lead singer of my favorite band in a heartbeat (and he could never talk to me again and I would probably be okay with it because that one moment would be with me forever)). The first time was a girl I worked with (she was older with like three kids and I was seventeen) and she asked me about what I did for fun. When I listed all my school activities she made a face and asked what I did outside of school and I didn’t have much to say because in high school my life was all about school, so I gave her the basics. Sometimes me and my friends (mostly girls) went out to eat, or slept at each others houses and talked about other people’s lives and our own or we went to see movies and then she asked if I was a lesbian. NO, BUT SORRY NO BOYS WANTED TO BE MY FRIENDS! And now someone else just suggested it……………………………………… It’s okay, it’s funny.  It’s almost like the one time someone asked if I was Special Ed (because I stuttered when I talked to him (we were in 6th grade (and stuttering I don’t think would make me special needs))).

Maybe I just give off weird impressions.

Or maybe I am as weird as Hilary Taylor said I was in the ninth grade.

Or maybe I shouldn’t have eaten that soup.


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