Potato, Potato

My favorite beverage is definitely any sort of sparking juice (preferably sparkling cranberry). You know the kind that come in a fancy wine bottle but are actually juice? Okay well that’s my favorite. I fill a glass while I read or do something else (like today while I cooked!!! (I felt so cool)) and I sip it slowly as I do whatever I do and even though I have no desire to really drink alcohol, I pretend like I’m actually drinking wine (which makes me fEEL sO cool!!!) and it’s great. And today I probably had a couple of glasses (or it may have been almost the whole bottle) while I–get this–cleaned my room.

Thirteen days into the year, it was that time of year (as in the time of year when my room and closet are a wreck (but I’m going to get real, it’s been that time of year since last year but I kept putting it off (so my closet especially got progressively worse))). So as I pulled out every article of clothing i owned, I sipped my sparkling cranberry Juice super sophisticatedly. And I managed to arrange all my clothes by type (pants first then dresses and cardigans and jackets and regular shirts) and I even separated those two into stuff I actually wore all the time and stuff I don’t really wear all the time. And then I put all my sisters shoes back into her own closet annndddd…the same with my moms and arranged all my own into neat little rows. And now I have a beautiful closet (complete with a sweeping of it (and my room (like with an actual broom))).

I spent three hours doing that (so that was three episodes of Grey’s on Hulu (because I finished all the episodes Netflix had to offer and Hulu had the recent ones (so now I’m two away from catching up to the current season))) and after that decided to go buy more mushrooms because my dad said he was going to cook steaks for dinner. STEAKS! I love steak. It’s probably my favorite meal (like ever and also on the 2 for 20 from Chilis and Applebees (otherwise steak is not in my budget)) along with mushrooms (which are also my favorite food in the universe I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned that). And after deciding to buy the mushrooms, I decided to make some loaded mashed potatoes from scratch.

So I googled the recipe and found one that seemed easy enough and set off to the store to buy what else I needed (including the potatoes). And when I came home I stared at the bag and wondered how many potatoes I needed to boil that would be enough for everyone. What if I didn’t make enough? So I peeled and chopped all of them and tossed them into some boiling water to soften.

Basically, I wound up making five pounds of (extremely extremely delicious) loaded mashed potatoes for a total of three people (because of all times, my decided to swear off carbs on the day I accidentally made five pounds of potatoes for my family (FIVE!!)). And in case you’re not sure what five pounds of potatoes looks like, my mom told me that when you make mashed potatoes you’re supposed to basically use one potato per person, and imagine how much one potato weighs versus five WHOLE POUNDS! Basically, we may or may not be eating mashed potatoes for days upon days. But at least they were delicious.

And everything is a learning experience.

So here’s a lesson in cooking: try one potato per person instead of one pound of potatoes per person.


One thought on “Potato, Potato

  1. o_o But… Potato!! lol.

    SRSLY though… It’s so hard using one potatoes. I love cutting them up into little chunks [With the skin], throwing them in a skillet, and frying them with a ton of butter, and little vegtable oil… omg o_o and some garlic salt on top!!!!

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