Let Me Bore You Really Quickly

It’s been roughly about forty-something degrees where I live for the last two days, cold and rainy (though I know it gets way colder elsewhere; here, forty-something and rainy is verging on the negatives (but not really for me because I like this type of weather (it’s my favorite))). And today, (despite the fact that I am always far to warm) I struggled to keep the chill out of my body. No pants or long sleeves or socks (or mittens, because, yes, I was wearing those too) seemed to keep me warm enough. Basically, for some reason or another, i was miserably cold all day.

So, naturally, I would come home and fill a mug with some ice cream.

I know, I know, I actually do feel terrible, as in bad about myself terrible. As in why did I just eat that ice cream it just made me gain ten pounds. As in very unrealistically upset (like when you’re so upset you start thinking irrationally (like can one measly cup of ice cream actually put ten pounds on you instantly? no)). You know the feeling right? You can’t tell me you haven’t ever felt this way (you seriously can’t)!

But I guess since everyone has felt like this at least once and it’s totally and completely normal then i’m perfectly okay (besides for the fact that I don’t really feel okay). So since everyone has felt this way no one really has the right advice. So I guess all we really have to do is deal with the Ice Cream Made Me Gain Ten Pounds days, right?  For now I’m watching late night DisneyChannel and I’m secretly wishing I could redo my life so that I could be on DisneyChannel (I want to be on DisneyChannel….).  They’re showing Lizzie McGuire (AKA just about the best show that’s ever aired (who wasn’t in love with Hilary Duff? (She’s STILL a superstar))). Doesn’t everyone wish they had Lizzie McGuire’s life? She plays some girl who is supposed to be a loser but how cool is she (besides the really thick flip flops because I have never liked those and she wore hose all the time). Her hair is awesome with all those weird styles and so are her clothes and don’t you just wish you were her?

I do.

Being the ugly girl who is not actually ugly is the best person to be because according to movies and books (have you noticed that Hilary Duff played the loser who was not actually a loser in other stuff (okay like in Cinderella Story is all I can think of (wasn’t that an awesome movie?))? And her life always ends up fabulous. She makes me want to cut bangs (and possibly dye my hair blonde).

I just really want to be famous.


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