Routine Time and Pizza Regrets

Ask me how many slices of pizza I ate today and I won’t tell you (like I could but I won’t because it’s an embarrassing amount). In fact I’m totally paying for it right now with this painful stomachache (like I just want to go home and go to sleep to pretend like that pizza never happened (I know, pretending pizza didn’t happen should be illegal)). But I enjoy the fact that I actually got to enjoy pizza. But it seems like every single time I enjoy pizza I end up regretting the pizza (really why is one slice of pizza neVEr enOuGH?!????) which is really unfortunate (why do I always regret the pizza???). But I guess pizza is just one of those things.

And it doesn’t help that I’m having one of those days/nights/weekends (though the weekend barely started) where my mind is on complete overdrive (cause literally my mind is on overdrive but I guess that’s what being a girl and throwing too much pizza into the mix does (I’m pizza drunk (and is it bad that I can’t wait to get pizza drunk again?))). It doesn’t really help that school is starting again on Tuesday. Or maybe it does help because I get to stop everything else (I say it like I have so much going on hahahaha right? But I don’t) and just focus on stupid school stuff. Maybe that’s why I have always been completely in love with school (because I would bury myself in all my school stuff and not really breathe a breath of real life).

I just realize that I have always done that. But I complain about school all the time! Seriously i have said countless times how much I hate school but when I think about it I think I don’t (like during college I spend so much time on campus in the library and at my desk (and not even doing real schoolwork sometimes) and in high school it was like I never left the school (seriously it was always something)). So basically I think I’m excited for school to start. And as opposed to last summer when I was dreading it, I think maybe that I can’t wait for the spring semester to be underway.

I like routine and school gives me routine (so hopefully when I start school (and my new job as a tutor yay) I will be back into routine (and maybe even get to toss some working out in there but we’ll see)). And this is my final weekend of freedom before I have to start worrying about actual stuff that might actually matter in the future (like my career). But at least with a new job I’ll have some income (instead of wasting away what I had saved(lately I’ve been ballin’ on a really short budget(it sucks I don’t feel like a baller at all!!!!)).

I guess the moral of my tiny story might be that maybe I should be happy about going back to school and maybe this new semester will actually bring some good!



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