The Best of Times and the Worst of Them

I think maybe one of the worst things that happens to me pretty often is finding a movie on Netflix that sounds so good and then playing it and then realizing that you’ve actually seen it before. I watch Netflix so much that I’ve seen so many movies that I don’t even remember what I have and haven’t seen (which really sucks because I’ve seen so many movies it’s a little hard to find really good ones). Basically I just did that right now, but instead of picking another movie I’m busy doing this (which is really depressing because I really just want to watch a really good movie but I’m not).

But I did finally find one of my movies on my list of movies to watch on Netflix so looks like that is what will be entertaining me for the next one hundred and seventeen minutes (I just hope it’s good cause that’s a really long time right?).

I know I watch tens of thousands of movies and I know maybe I’m too much of a Netflix addict but I just really love movies and books (like really really). And I get really (overly) emotionally involved in what I watch and read that I think it may be a problem (like for a long time I thought I had a lot of friends because I spent hours with the characters of Grey’s Anatomy everyday (and now that I’ve finished all there was to watch online I’m lost (and don’t have nearly as many friends as I thought I did))). I only think it’s a problem sometimes and other times I think maybe it’s good for me (as in like it’s healthy to spend time with other people, right? Like Meredith Grey), but I also know the reason I love movies and reading and writing.

Because it’s all fake.

And I love imaginary stuff (I once made up an imaginary friend named Bubble because my brother and sister were leaving me out (but I knew it was imaginary and I didn’t actually talk to her(only to make them jealous))). Really I do love it. I played with Barbies until I was in like seventh grade and I really didn’t want to give them up, but I felt like I had to (you know on account of the whole growing up thing (doesn’t it suck?)). I used to take hours just to come up with an awesome back story for them and then play it out with them for hours. Their lives were always cooler than mine.

And I think that’s why I like it all. You know how adults will put their kids in all these sports and activities so they can live through their kids? I lived through my Barbies (they were mostly famous popstars or something (or the latter, lamer most popular girl in school (or you know, both))) and I live through my books and through my writing and through the movies I watch and basically I’m just a little (okay or maybe immensely) jealous of everyone I read about or write about or watch (about?).

I feel like I sound so sad and lame!! But it’s because I am lame (and maybe not sad (except sometimes you know when you have those days (or weeks or months or however long your down in the dumps spells last))), but at least I’m lame and proud right? And no, I am not the girl who wishes for those romance movies to be real (like I don’t wish for Noah from the Notebook (I actually don’t really like that movie), or you know Edward from Twilight or something (but does anyone actually want an Edward?)) because in fact, romance stuff kinda freaks me out (I don’t really know why, but I’ve never been romanced so maybe that’s why?) and also because I know that boys aren’t like the movies. Like I am not sure if maybe you have noticed but boys aren’t normally as witty as they are in books (though I’ll admit to writing in witty boy characters), so I won’t be the one on Valentine’s Day to wish for an Augustus Waters (The Fault In Our Stars) or Dereck Shepherd (Grey’s (do girls want him too? Or who else do girls idolize?)) because I know that boys with sweet words are fictional characters. But I still love them (okay well Dereck, but who doesn’t love Patrick Dempsey?).

Basically I know too many things about movies and books and stuff. But I think it’s nice to get to escape real life for two hours (watching a movie) or four hours (somewhat of the standard time it might take me to read a book straight through). And I usually do like pretty much every movie I watch and I usually do like most books I read (usually, cause you know there are exceptions for both).

So while finding and starting a movie I’ve already seen might be the worst thing ever, the two hours I watched it the first time were probably once (temporarily) the best thing ever.


One thought on “The Best of Times and the Worst of Them

  1. I have a neat comment for you… When it coems to “Living Life” etc… I grew up hard. I didn’t have much of a childhood. BUT… Video games were my past time. I always got ridiculed by my parents because I was never in to after school stuff, or sports or anything [That stuff will get you hurt in the logn run. Busted knees, hurt nerves, broken bones, etc].. I hear all the time that going outside everyday and being sportsy makes you have a “better life”.

    Every one of those kids that “Lived life” are my age [28] still unknown what they’re gonna do with their life because a majority never got ot EXPLORE what THEY wanted to do.

    The imagination is a POWERFUL tool… Ya know? DON’T EVER let anyone discredit that… Fun is what you make it. The steriotypes of “Adults” and “Kids” is severely over-rated. Im 28 and I still paly with video games, and from time to time, I’ll play with my little lego-men.

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