A Journal Entry (….From Yesterday)

Jan 19th, 2015

My pants are slipping off my butt and I’m struggling to keep my tank top tucked into my jeans.  This is happening right now. I’m writing this in class and everyone in this class knows more than I do. And I’m sitting in the front because I knew a girl in this class and decided to sit with her when I walked in and she’s the sit right up front type of girl (while I am the sit in the second or third row so as not to look to eager and possibly be able to cleverly disguise myself behind other people to avoid having to answer questions but avoid getting distracted type (though clearly I am very distracted as ever)).  So far, my first two classes have been, well boring, but hopefully when we start learning things that are not just a boring syllabus then the time will pass by quicker (which will hopefully help the day pass quicker and the week and the month and the year (and maybe life)).

My current professor is a little goofy looking.  He’s tall (at least from where I am sitting) with brown hair that’s graying and these black framed glasses.  His teeth kinda buck together like a chipmunk and when he stands still he rests his hands on his stomach (which is protruding in the oddest way).  I can’t imagine him talking to his wife (he’s wearing a ring, so I am going to assume he’s married to a woman) the way he’s talking to us (he kinda shifts his eyes away from the class when he looks at us).

Okay well he just talked about extra credit and i missed it.  This is what I get.  I’m writing this in my little blue journal and I’m certain the girl next to me thinks I’m writing notes (which I am so clearly not because who actually listens (much less takes notes) on the first day of class????). And now that my class is over and the entire school is on a school-wide lunch break, I’m sitting at a random table by the dorms waiting for my ride (my car is in the shop so I couldn’t drive myself, so I got a ride to school thinking I would just be here all day and just go home after my last class and not during lunch (but I guess no one really foresees getting a red gatorade spilled all over them in the middle of their second class and needing to go home and change out of your wet red pants because today (of all days seriously) was the day you decided to wear light colored jeans!!!)).

Now, I just have to come back later for my last two classes (in fresh pants I hope). Basically, it has not exactly been the best first day back (dirty pants, no sleep (I couldn’t seem to fall asleep last night), and I looked around for the people who sell hotdogs everyday and they were nowhere to be found).  How many times can you say: What a miserable day?

I think I may also just be a really heeeeeuuge complainer (though I feel like you might feel the same if you were sitting in wet, sticky pants in the gross hot sun).  I guess here’s to the rest of the semester.


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