From Actual Today

That last one was just something I wrote down yesterday that of course I had to share with ya’ cause me being all nice and all. And here is a friendly friendly little snippet of information: I NEVER GOT PICKED UP. MY RIDE BAILED, IT BAILED. So I stayed in my sticky pants all day. What a miserable day

I was miserable and I’m not even being dramatic. I was drowning in classes and misery and stocking up my tears for The First Big Cry of the year (or semester (or maybe I already had the First Big Cry and you don’t even know…). I can’t wait for it.

And now I’m so under water that I can’t dkkajsf even typeeeeeeee…or think is more like it.

I have to study for a quiz

Happy trails

Okay I refuse to let myself end it there.  I’m going to just be a baby and tell you that I’m having a Sulking Spell (as in the days (or in my case they last weeks (and okay maybe even months sometimes)) that you just feel so ugh and theres really no other way to describe it other than ugh when it feels like everything just so sucks). And maybe I don’t have good reason because I’m a privileged kid (OKAY I SAID IT. I’m a privileged kid everyone! (like sometimes my mom will still pay for my gas privileged)), but sometimes I just really feel like the world is literally sucking me into a black hole. Like even though there are not supposed to be  black holes on earth, it somehow became scientifically possible to suck me into one. And how do people SURVIVE THAT? YOU Don’T! SO I’m probably a little on the dramatic side but I really think I can feel myself dying.  Like I can feel my organs start to disintegrate inside of me (from the force of the black hold) from the weight of the stress laying itself down on me. I can feel them.

And I don’t know why I am so stressed all the time.  I just am. I guess it all just comes from The Mind That Never Stops. Right? Cause it thinks about everything too too much.

I really just can’t wait until Saturday so I can sulk in my bed and maybe bury myself in pizza. The week can’t seem to go by any slower.

I will probably be alone at the movies three times this weekend (to knock out all the movies I want to see) due to my lack of friends (my friend count has dropped again (AGAIN!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT)).

And anyway, this was an example of a Really Depressing Post.

Now you know how to spot one, you’re welcome.


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