I’ll Have an Opinion for Two Seconds

Two hours ago I said I was gonna put my homework to rest for thirty minutes while I watched Hindsight (that new show on VH1, i am definitely digging it) and two hours later I’m scrolling through Tumblr pages (even though I don’t even have a Tumblr) which is where I have been, well, for the last two hours. It’s a Saturday night and well, this is what my day has been like.

Now would be the appropriate time to mention that as cool as I have ever made myself sound…..I lied.

Cause actually my friend count has reached an all time low and I’m really boring. Boring like my idea of fun is laying down sideways on my bed (that’s full of clothes I need to hang up) with my laptop and scrolling to random peoples Tumblr pages for two hours.

And I’ve actually noticed (like literally just now) that this one particular page has a crapload of “American Sniper is terrible” posts. And when is everyone just going to stop as realize that it’s just a movie? IT IS JUST A MOVIE. No one protested Madagascar for trying to teach little kids that animals can talk, did they??? (The answer is no in case you didn’t know.)

And I just think that people just blow everything up these days. Like Barbie.

I loved Barbie. I loved her! But I knew she was shiny, hard plastic and that she wasn’t real. Her body wasn’t real and her hair wasn’t real (this I learned later on when I tried to give my MyScene Chelsea a makeover and melted her plastic hair with a blow dryer (in my defense my mother did not try to stop me)). But now they had to go make an Average Barbie that has different proportions like a thicker waistline and shorter legs and smaller boobs and brown hair (and let’s not forget that they put her in the frumpiest clothes imaginable) and they even made accessories like scars and yes, pimple stickers. Barbie is Barbie! And Skipper was Skipper and Ken was Ken. And they were supposed to be tall and gorgeous.

Barbie is just a doll. She is just a doll, but people think that girls are starving themselves to look like Barbie. I have never known anyone whose thinspiration was Barbie.

And that was just my quick little rant for the evening. I’m actually going to sleep now (but let’s get real I’ll spend another two hours online).


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