School is Cool.

Hi I’m Laura and welcome to Typo City!

Obviously my posts have been getting shorter and shorter, though I have at least been remembering to post once a day. I hate to be one to make excuses but have I mentioned that I have been drowning in homework since Day 1 of my classes? If I haven’t then that’s why I’m too tired to think at the end of the night. Because my brain has been fried from analyzing so many passages and grammatical stuff (have I also mentioned I’m taking five English classes so it’s not like I can wing the readings because you know how English professors are about their reading and stuff you know?). I like it, I really do.  I like being so swamped with homework that I don’t have a single moment to think about how I really need to exercise (or how if I didn’t have homework to do, I wouldn’t have anything to do (or how I have a cavity and should probably get it filled (or that i seriously would have no one to talk to if i was not talking to my paper))). It’s kind of nice when you think about the fact that you have all this time to do homework and hey, besides Tumblr, you have zero distractions! That’s the beauty in having like one friend (one as in like two halves).

So in the last week I have wanted to die five days out of five because wHo ASsigNS THIS MUCH WoRK TO dO?

I am not complaining though, because I do get a strong sense of fulfillment when I finish my assignments (like yeah I’m a badass English major and I’m fucking shit up in this English department (excuse my language)). Because you know, English is not for everyone, but it is for me! And that feels great! Though lately I’ve been feeling like my writing is going down the tube. It’s just a writers thing I guess (like I’m still stuck on the end of the novel. This is the closest I’ve ever come to finishing and I can’t finish it. I can’t I hate myself!!!!).

So now I sit here, writing other things that I don’t need to be. And actually, sometime this week I wrote an entry in my journal that I meant to transfer here but when I remembered my journal was too far away from me (and I am not about the exercise life). And in it I mentioned how it was my first day in class (because it was the first day my creative writing class was meeting up) and how I was secretly hoping that the love of my life was going to walk through the door. And yeah I know it is kinda kinda kinda a little farfetched to think that your love will enter into your classroom (and probably one of the girliest things ever, (not that I’m not a girl though cause I am)), but I was kinda hoping for it. Imagine that, right?

But he did’t (and in fact it was just old lady after old lady (I have a lot of old people in my classes this semester)).

And have you ever met a perfect person? And you’re just so convinced that this person is perfect like they’re just a perfect person and it’s so intimidating because they’re so perfect? And you know that perfect only goes with perfect so you just really want this perfect person to fall madly in love with you and think you’re perfect cause wouldn’t that be the best thing ever (for someone to love the fat rolls you hate and the mascara addiction you have?)?? Wouldn’t it???!???? (Yes it would, don’t act like you totally haven’t met that person (because I know you were totally thinking about the person who you want to fall madly in love with you(don’t lie now))).

But they are going to like someone else who when you look at them you just have no choice but to sigh in agony and in aww and in just…ya’ just sigh. Cause how sad. They found their (literal) perfect match and you’re left reading a book thinking you’re so cool( and that they are soooo missing out on your funny jokes and cool stories).

(But it’s okay because I’m sure you’re someone’s perfect someone and they’re at home crying because you think someone else is perfect.)

(Anyways) I’m here to tell you that it’s okay. Because homework will always be there to cure you from wishing that guy you think is perfect (in all ways imaginable). And when I say cure I mean you will be so focused on wanting to die (over doing homework) or planning your own funeral because school+work super sucks and you’re so buried in response papers that you can’t breathe (thus, ending your life cause that’s what professors seek to do) that you will forget that boy even exists!! Get high on homework.

So turn to school, because school is cool.


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