In Case You’re Wondering,

i did exercise today.

I rode my bike for a while and then did those little exercises like squats and whatnot and it was complete murder (I am being really really dramatic, I actually feel good but hungry but I feel like if I eat it will defeat the purpose of having worked out, you know?). It made me miss summer a lot. This past summer I would wake up anywhere between 7 and 9 and I would run for an hour and come home and tan for like four more hours and read and then work and it was complete bliss. I had one of the best summers I have ever ever ever had. And it was so awesome (and it also set a really high standard for the school year so imagine the kind of school year I’m having….).

And after the last five months (or six, because i will include January) of losing friends and gaining others (and then, you know, losing them again), I’ve gotten to this point of ‘I am really tired’. And I am really really tired for a lot of reasons. Like I’m really really tired of having to go to school for the last fifteen years and having to get up to go pee when I’m all comfy and having to cut back on what I eat because somewhere I gained a couple pounds and having to see people go from cool to stupid and from losing friends but trying to still be friends with people(and okay seriously aren’t you even exhausted from just reading that). And I’m so tired that I just want to not do it anymore (except for go to school and get up to pee because can’t quit that (I am mostly talking about the friends thing)), so I decided that whoever would like to be my friend may be my friend.

But I will likely not send out anymore texts asking (or okay begging) people to hang out with me anymore because UGH RIGHT? Life is different with not twitter and no Facebook and no snapchats to watch (I deleted my Facebook and snapchat apps to further the whole social media cleansing thing(and though cleansed, I still feel as annoyed as ever when I just think about what people are even posting online)).

And I realize that my blog has either been really angry, boring, or both for a while and I promise I am trying to change that but I’m like grapefruit juice, I’m just so bitter (this is true because I bought a grapefruit juice the other day and hated it because it was too bitter so I didn’t drink it (1.99 on that dumb thing!)).


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