2nd is the Worst?

What’s the quote that says something about only treating others the way you yourself would like to be treated?

What happened to that?

Why do people think it’s okay to be terrible people??????!????

(Of course I classify the woman who gave me dr. pepper instead of root beer as terrible) I have a long list of terrible people. They are basically the people who should not claim to know me once I’m famous. (Maybe I should stop taking pictures with people so they don’t have proof?(I just realized that if I were to become famous there are embarrassing pictures of me all over facebook and MySpace(also that I’ve gone through so many friends that there are dozens of people I wish I could say I have never met but we have a picture together!(ugh!!!)))). Or maybe people should stop being terrible how about that???

I’ll be famous one day so watch the way you treat me!!!!! If I’m dirt on your shoe, you’re gum on mine too. (AS IN I WILL NOT EVEN ALLOW YOU SPACE ON THE BOTTOM OF MY SHOe).


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