I’m Ready

I’m ready for the next part in my life.
Like the one where I don’t really have to worry about whether or not tonight will be a night that my feelings come in the form of Sour Patch Kids and Candy Cane Kisses (and okay two bowls of vegetable soup but that’s vegetable soup…).

When I don’t have to wonder if I’m writing my response paper right (because hopefully response papers don’t reach beyond college).

Or when I don’t have to worry about whether I’ll make enough money for gas next week (because hopefully in The Next Stage, there are no more part time jobs either).

Or when I can finally finish a book or a story for once (because let’s hope writers block gets better with age).

Or when I can make plans that won’t get cancelled when they’re supposed to happen (because hopefully people grow out of flaking at the very last second (or even after the second)).

Or when I can stop desperately searching for time to get on the treadmill (because apparently college leaves you with no time even when you do have time (what is that????)).

I’m ready for the part where I’m wildly successful (….crossing my fingers that success is in my picture).

And the part where I vaguely know what I’m doing (because I’m a blind mouse right now).

And the part where I finally learn that staying up late before I have to wake up early is stupid (but will I ever learn?).


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