Girl, The OverAnalyzer

Isn’t it weird that people (okay let’s get real, mostly girls) are so quick to over analyze every detail??? Like EVERY SINGLE ONE?? It goes something like this:

That guy looked me in the eye when he handed me my sandwich.
Was that an accident?
Or was he looking me in the eye just to tell me something?
Was he into me?
Was that like a weird eye contact or like a flirty one?
Did he smile before or after he made eye contact with me?
Does he make eye contact with everyone?
Was that just common courtesy?

And it happens for everything.
So, naturally, when some attractive guy at work gave me the double-take (like the glance and then head snap back to get a better look) the first thing I did was tell my mom.

I don’t know if he recognized me or not.
I didn’t know him, know him.
But he looked at me twice. I don’t know if it was like a look look or just a look.
Does this mean he’s gonna talk to me now?

And all it was was a nod, but I got all these thoughts from a nod during a fire drill (I work as a tutor at a middle school and they had a fire drill and we walked out of our respective rooms at the same time and locked eyes across the hallway….just kidding (no but really (and it helped that I looked cute as can be today if I do say so myself))).

In fact I am currently discussing with a friend about how I stalked his tweets for months after he blocked me and tried to decipher which ones were for me (we were not friends for a while (life, right?)). And turns out I pretty much analyzed every vague tweet perfectly.

I guess these skills come in handy sometimes.


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