If I told you I was eating my feelings in SweetTarts, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise. Okay well it wouldn’t be a surprise at all. (When am I not stuffing my face with something so bad for me?)

Anyway, my New Years resolution is broken. And even though there are no good (real) excuses, I am about to make two.

One) remember when I got red and itchy everywhere? Okay well it comes back. (At least once or twice a month.) and it came back yesterday. All over my mouth and I basically look like a clown right now. I say look because it hasn’t gone away yet (hence the depression and stress eating). And well I took a bunch of allergy medications that made me totally KO yesterday, so I slept basically all day long (and didn’t get around to writing).

Two) the day before was very much the same. Remember when I used to run? Like all the time? Well I stopped that. I had gotten up to six miles and well the last time I ran that much was at least last October. So basically, I’m an out of shape mess. And the. My friends signed me up for the City’s 10K. And I didn’t train…or workout at all really…but I went and ran the whole six point two miles without stopping. That was Saturday. And you can just imagine how sore I am right now (and if you can’t, I’m talking walk funny, hard to walk or stand up, lasts for days sore).

So they aren’t good and the basic lame idea was “I was too tired”. Lame right?

Any way so that was my weekend, puffy lips and sore legs and now I’m back at it for another week of school and work and homework and then school and work and homework and the cycle continues.

And continues,

and continues,

and then I graduate and hopefully there is no homework in my future.

But good thing I did all my work last Friday, before I got too tired and lazy.

So here was Monday, and here goes the rest of the week.


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