Buenas Noches

For five seconds (or minutes) I am going to sit here and drink my cranberry juice that I’m pretending is wine (but can I do this for five years instead?) so I can pretend to relax. Just for these five seconds.

Unfortunately, I am feeling more and more like an adult (like this semester I have yet to stay up until 3AM talking with friends while drinking Sonic Slushes) and do you know what comes with feeling like an adult? Do you know how it feels?

It’s just tiring. I am tired all the time. But I don’t take naps.


In fact, here is a brilliant piece of news. Today, it is February 11th, and I already had my first tanning session. Oh, happy day!

I don’t know what the weather is like anywhere else in the country (or worlds, really), but I live in Texas, in the part where it’s summer like 364 days out of the year (I’m mostly joking, but literally we get one week of fifty degree weather every January and that is it). And it’s nice, for the most part, but the nights are cool, so the pool is still to cold to swim in. And the days are busy because Spring semester always takes it’s sweet sweeeeet time to end (I know…it barely started). But I am this really white complected hispanic girl from a darker family and I just like to fit in with them, so every summer I set out to get The Best Tan Ever. And every new summer my tan is better than the one the year before. And can we just talk about last summer’s tan for a little bit? ( I am talking major tannage) I was essentially unrecognizable (okay kidding, but really, I got really dark, but I don’t turn orangey, I turn browny-gold (you’d have  to see me up close and personal, but I promise it’s a lovely color)).

Last year I got started in late March, early April, and this year, MID FEBRUARY. I guess you could say 2015 has been a marvelous year so far (you know as long as you factor out the elephant in the room (aka school + all the homework I get every day (well tuesdays and thursdays and mondays) (seriously, you should see my planner))).

In fact, now that we are on subject with the whole “How is 2015 going?” I will reveal something you did not know:

I was maybe, possible, sorta dating a boy for the last nine months or so.

And then on Back to School Eve, he broke up with me (again, always a whole other story).

And my Really Good Friend at the time didn’t like said boy (and you know how that goes). My Really Good Friend became my Not My Friend Anymore and that was probably the only time my heart ever really felt broken. Because if there’s anything worse than losing your favorite chapstick, it’s losing your Really Good Friend who also happens to be your Super Best Friend. So that sucked, but of course, that isn’t the point here (remember we are talking about 2015 being maaarvelous). But said friend and I have been texting (small talk, like really really small talk) back and forth since November, approximately two to three months after The Best Friend Break Up (long story). And then what do you know but three nights ago, my old Super Best Friend brings up  Christmas (I know you’re wondering where this is going, just wait). And I LOVE Christmas! (Had I been blogging around Christmas time, I would have mentioned this, but I never did, but I literally love Christmas (well I love making people happy so essentially, I love buying people gifts and Christmas is the best time to do it (I would rather give than receive (I know what a saint right?)))).

So I mentioned that I searched for two months for a Super Awesome Gift that would make him forgive me for being a crappy person (even though the crappy person was actually him……but so another story) and he asked what I was going to get him and I mentioned my ideas….and then I mentioned the fact that I had stalked him on twitter once or twice (or..almost everyday (not creepy I swear (okay well kinda creepy cause he had blocked me so I would google his twitter name (not that I knew it or anything)))) to find out what he was into.

And then he mentioned to me that he had stalked me!

“Really? Why?” I asked (through text of course, the Digital Age).

“Well I’ll be the first person to say it, I missed you.”

Well, I’ll be!

I missed him bucketloads, so I told him that and para pa pa pa, I’m lovin’ it. We became friends again!

And I wish you could understand how absolutely thrilled I am. Maybe you do! But that was a really happy moment for me.

And I guess my point really is that despite how much school sucks so hard, can we talk about the fact that life has some pretty cool stuff in it? (like dogs and good books and people who are more awesome than not  and computers and good tumblr pages and Chick-Fil-A and receipts with surveys to get free stuff and cranberry juice???)

It does. And sure, maybe I got broken up with, and that so sucks for anyone, but everything happens for a reason right? Because think about it. While you are being dumped via text right now, Chick-Fil-A sandwiches and Really Good Pizza still exist! And that means that you definitely are no alone.

Buenas noches.


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