Like a Diamond

Every night I think to my self: this one is the one. (As in this post right here is the one that’s going to appear on The Huffington Post and get two million shares on Facebook. It’s this one, it is.) And every night, this one fails to be The One.

Sometimes I wonder who it is.

Is it my fault? The poor, lonely writer who has run out of things to talk about? Is she (am I) boring?

Or is it theirs? The illiterate, self righteous Facebook users who walk this earth? Is it their fault my blog hasn’t become Internet famous?

I am at a fork (in my life). To place blame on others, or simply blame myself for my lack of talent? Well I will not blame myself (can we just admit that all writers are a teensy bit pretentious and come on, we have all proudly rode our high horse at least once), and instead I will not place blame.

After all, how can it be anybody’s fault that half the world’s population don’t have minds of their own?

It’s a bold statement (I think), but let’s be honest! Do you know ten people who march to the beat of their own drum?

I don’t.

In fact, I can talk to you about three goodie two shoes kids who only went sour because sour was the trend. Oh you’re getting drunk every weekend? Oh everyone’s doing it? Okay, sign me up.

Really I think this is their thought process.

And I don’t know where I’m going with this. Except for maybe with some advice to do what you want (minding certain legalities, of course).

I once knew a guy who put my light out. Questioned why I had to say what I said. Shushed me when I got too loud in public. Pestered me about my choices to not experiment with drugs and alcohol (“Why don’t you want to? Aren’t you curious? Don’t you want to see what everyone else is doing?” (Literally felt like I was in a peer pressure commercial)). Demanded why I got so hurt when he favored other girls over his own girlfriend. Saw the world through a narrow scope. Watched what those surrounding did, and followed suit.

He walked around pompously, with a wide smile and just-like-you style. And I followed dimly, trying not to shine so bright so as not to get in his way, so as not to attract too much attention.

And I’m sure I have talked about this before.

But don’t be one who tolerates a put down (I was, and I’m embarrassed just thinking about it).

A quick word to the wise before I KO.
If you shine brighter, don’t let anyone dim your light.


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