No Need to Be Mine

New Politics is going to Dallas for Edgefest 2015 and you can best believe I will be there.

I will see them for the third time.

And I am gosh darn excited.

Speaking of excitement. How excited are you that it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow?

I say that with real question in my voice. I personally think Valentine’s Day is weird. And everyone I tell that too thinks I’m a bitter girl with no boyfriend (I am a bitter girl, but it has nothing to do with the fact that I have no boyfriend). And speaking of boyfriends!

I realized something the other day. Growing up, I was the ugly duckling among my friends. I was the slightly chubbier (as in normal because my friends were just really thin), taller (they were really short), funny friend that my friends took on dates to third wheel when their parents didn’t know where they were. My friend got all the boys’ attention so it was natural that I didn’t. I floated through high school as the funny, smart girl you wanted as your friend, but never your girlfriend. I knew my role and I played it well.

Meanwhile, my friends had boy toy after boy toy (except my friends S and J who had steady boyfriends throughout), and while I could be any regular girl and complain that boys never like me, I don’t. Because if I’m correct, boys never having feelings for me is what has made me how I am today.

How am I, you ask?

Well I’m perfectly fine being alone. I like to go to the movies alone. I like to go out to eat alone. I like to walk around the mall alone. I like to go running alone. I like to do homework alone. I like to stay in bed all day alone. And it’s because I grew up learning how to be alone.

And these days i see person after person who get one girlfriend or boyfriend right after the other because they can’t be alone. And what a life to live. That would be terrible for me!

Not that I don’t need people of course. I think other humans are here to be with other humans. But my whole point is that I learned how to be alone first, and I think it’s helpful. I know people who won’t eat if they have no one to go out to eat with. And if I want to go have Sushi, I will go and have sushi alone! I know myself better than anyone knows me after all.

Aside from my dog, who doesn’t really talk,

I’m my own best friend!

Happy Valentine’s Day to me!


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