A Writer

Did I ever explain what jolts were? I don’t know. I can’t remember. I remember lots of things but I can never remember what I have already told people.

Jolts come to me in the dead of the night. Literally the dead of the night. Or in the shower, mid shampoo. Or during an exam, when I have no time. Or during a movie when there are no phones allowed. Jolts are the most inconvenient thing in this universe, which makes them annoying. But they’re also brilliant. And that makes them amazeballs.

They’re ideas, obviously. I’m a writer. Writers need ideas. But they never come at the right time, never when you need them, but when they do come they’re awesome. So I had a jolt last night. A brilliant idea. For a novel, of course, so I’ve abandoned all progress on my other novel. It can wait. And now, as of about 11:30 last night, I’ve embarked on a new journey.

I can’t tell you what it was, obviously, I’m really weird about sharing my ideas. But I can tell you that you should wait to see my name in lights–at the Barnes and Noble near you. COMING SOON.

I spent two hours on the opening (I only got about two pages. Doesn’t being a writer suck sometimes?) meaning i spent two extra hours not doing my homework. And then wound up staying up until 5am to finish it. Just so I wouldn’t have to do it today.

Talk about a raging Saturday night, right guys?

But I stop and think about it a lot and I actually really like it. Raise your hand of you feel super accomplished after five hours of homework! I’m raising mine, because I really do. And honestly, what looks cooler than being a writer, doing her homework at a coffee shop with a tea, and your hair is up in a haphazard ponytail like you don’t give two cares, but you still look awesome and super studious (and sophisticated and all other awesome adjectives)? The answer is nothing! Nothing looks cooler! I always hope there’s a cute guy in the corner thinking I look super cool and mysterious and all.

And there I am, sitting there across the way, typing my heart out, putting all this awesome brilliance on the page. And he falls in love with me because has he ever seen a girl so perfect????

I always wish there’s that guy there.

There never is, but you know, a writer always dreams.


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