Just Wait a Second 

Hi hi hi

Remember when I said I had a lot to tell you?

Well I didn’t forget.

I still do, I’m just not gonna do it right now. I’m a flake by nature.

Anywho, I spent the weekend in Austin (well okay all of a total of at least one day because gotta take into account the whole driving hours and hours thing), and that was pretty school. Whoah okay see that was a typo, I meant to put cool, but it came out as school, basically  because over the last 48 (or maybe like 30) hours I have not been able to stop thinking about how much I am ready for summer. This is funny because I decided that I loved school.

I love school!

I enjoy going to school and I’m not sure if it’s just because I would prefer it over work, but I just do love school.

I like the idea of being in school and sitting in a classroom and hearing my professor talk but not actually listening to him. Then you know, it bites me in the butt when I have nothing to write for my response paper. That’s cool right?

Anyway, I just ended what was a really stressful two weeks. I’ve never fallen behind on my homework and I did. I was racing to finish stuff everyday. But this week in ahead of things, so I’ll definitely be back later.

I still have plenty to say, I do.


I promise. I’ll get there.


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