Month Past Due

I am now a month 20.

I didn’t plan this (as in the whole thing where I fell off the face of the earth for  month and left my millions of readers hanging). It just sort of happened.

See, the day after my birthday began my last three days of school which kicked off finals week. So you can say that I pretty much wanted to claw my eyes out (put them back in, and then claw them out again (because that’s how finals week makes one feel)). I was tossed into a whirlwind of final papers and portfolios and scantrons and twenty million due dates and a bunch of other college finals mumbo jumbo that–every semester–makes me reevaluate my life (as in it makes me want to quit college and fall into the dark corner of finals-are-here time). If you haven’t experience such torture, it’s probably for the best. If you have, then you understand the torture I am talking about. It’s the whole “I was fine all semester until now” complex that completely ruins you for a week or two and then take you about two weeks to recuperate.

So after a long grueling month, among which one week I spent in Tennessee, and the other I have spent running (and actually working out like with weights and stuff) off my finals woes. So you can pretty much say that I am more or less cured of the wounds inflicted upon me from the Spring semester. I scraped out with four A’s and one B (I KNOWWW). And whammy know that I am finally cured just in time for my first summer semester to begin. Isn’t that lovely?

So how is 20?

Well, every time I have asked my age I have said accidentally said 19 and then have had to correct myself. And I am currently about one shade shy of being the exact same color as a tomato (because I have seemingly been failing at real adulthood and forgot to put on sunscreen upon arrival at the beach (I have accepted the consequences of my lack of actions)). And I have been going to bed significantly earlier than I did during the school year.

You can say it is okay (…though I am now jobless because the school year ended and with no school there is no need for tutors (meaning: if you’re reading, I AM READY TO BE FAMOUS)). (That was low-key right?)

Anyway, I am hopefully plunging into my last year as an undergrad which is fabulous (ask the universe that this please be my final semesters). And this is going way off topic but I was just thinking about how funny the internet.

I scroll for hours through tumblrs laughing out loud (actually laughing out loud) reading incredibly witty responses that I wish I could have come up with. People that witty are the people to be. I wish that was me. BUT that person is probably the quietest person you will ever meet (and that’s cause they might be so quiet that you may not ever meet them because they are that much of a hermit). Really think about it!

How are you picturing me? (if you’re picturing me at all).

bright red in the face, a mouth too small for my face, a nose a little too long, long eyelashes (courtesy of Maybelline Illegal Length mascara and the girl who taught me how to apply mascara properly), short brown hair that’s frizzy beyond belief and streaked with “natural” highlights (courtesy of a bottle of Sun-In), my nails are splattered with chipped blue nail polish, and eyebrows that are somehow mildly uneven (despite the fact that the last time I plucked them was ages ago). Is that how you pictured me? before you saw my picture of course? Maybe, maybe not. I just find it kinda really cool (and of course it definitely has a lot of potential to be creepy, but let’s focus on the cool part) that anybody can be anybody on the internet.

Well, how’s your summer going?


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