Yea, I’m Still Alive

While I do realize it has been a month and thirteen days since I have last spoken to my fans (you), I do not really apologize. See, I’m a planner. I like weekly planners and making lists of things to do and planning my days right to the minute. 

And my summer plans were to: 1) go to school (GRADUATING NEXT MAY, excitement levels SKYROCKETING), 2) blog (as in share with you my lovely life), and 3) write my book (the latest one I’ve been working on). 

And of my list I have done all of ONE THING. Can you guess what it was? Go to school. I have spent my first month and a half of summer in a classroom. And while I did enjoy the grades I got in class, I couldn’t help but realize that I had spent my summer so far slaving away at schoolwork instead of my novel which was the original plan. 

So yeah, I’m still alive and sorta well over here, but I’ll have to update you another time (like maybe tomorrow). 

This was just to let you know. 

I’m back. 


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