A (Really) Boring Recap

As I sit here at my desk looking at the cracked face of my watch as the hands creep towards 12:30, I can’t help but feel like a grade-A lame-o (wouldn’t you? If you were sitting in a tie-dyed shirt with a giant cat on it writing a post on a blog that no one reads? (meanwhile, all the actors at the Golden Globes are probably going to after-parties or still at after parties or just getting home from parties and taking off their fancy dresses and whatnot (it’s okay. I don’t even like parties that much))). But my feelings of lameness don’t linger because I remember that (a week ago) I said I was going to start going to sleep early. My last semester of college officially begins in exactly one week and I am still going to bed close to 4AM because I accidentally stayed up doing nothing (not really nothing, but around 2AM is whenever those “I must conquer the world” thoughts sort of breeze in (and you don’t really realize that 2AM on a night before work is not really a good time to save the world)). Today is another story entirely though because today, I had all the time in the world, I just didn’t use it.


But, here I am. In all my splendor. The last time I said anything was about two months ago (and before that there was that five month gap (oops (and we won’t even talk about the gap before that))), so basically, I guess let me fill you in on that two month gap.


In November I embarked on the NaNoWriMo journey (which basically means I challenge my self to write a novel or 50,000 words in one month). I won. Which basically means I wrote the 50,000 words. Did I finish my novel? No. Have I finished it yet? No. Did I use any of my five weeks of vacation to work on it? No. (Does this make me a terrible person? Yes!!!)


Instead, I used my month-long break from school and homework (and even work (for two weeks)) to play 11 hours (straight) of Donkey Kong Country for Super Nintendo (popcorn being the only thing I consumed on said day) and to scroll through hours and hours of posts on Tumblr (I don’t even have a Tumblr). I did get to meet up with a few old friends that I hadn’t seen in a trillion years. But for the most part, I just spend too much money on going to the movies and spent too much time with my bed (in the room I said I would keep clean…and then proceeded to wreck).


Winter hit in Texas, which basically means that everyday, I put on a sweater (in hopes that I will go somewhere or do something or see human life or the world outside my house) because I need to get my money’s worth on them while I can (plus what good is a pretty sweater if it just lays crumpled on the floor of my closet?). See, I have this weird thing about wasting clothes. For example, I have one favorite pair of workout shorts. So I don’t wear them on Monday, because I could possibly want to wear them on Tuesday (or Thursday or Wednesday or Friday or Sunday) and if I wear them on Monday, they won’t be washed for Tuesday. So, instead, I wear a pair that I’m not afraid to waste, and then I never wear my favorite shorts because no day is good enough. AND I REFUSED TO DO THAT WITH ALL MY NEW SWEATERS I SPENT MY MONEY ON AT SAM’S CLUB (which has really nice clothes, so head that way after reading). So, I’ve put on a sweater everyday despite the pain it brings me to look halfway decent and not see a soul.


Because what also happened in the last two months of my life is that my IFC (Immediate Friend Count) dropped to a whopping total of 2 (that’s another story (PS an immediate friend is similar to immediate family. Ex: an immediate friend regularly keeps in touch, a regular friend will probably just never text you but tell you they are your friend (I will blog about this next because I just actually came up with this term and realized how brilliant it is))).


Basically, I will be on WordPress again for your enjoyment (but don’t take my word for it, because let’s get real, I’ve been pretty bad about keeping it).


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