If I Won The Lottery


I would pay off my loans,
give a million to each of my families
so that’s 13 million on my dads side,
8 million on my moms side. They can decide if they want to give it to their kids.
I don’t know what else.


I would probably still live pretty humbly.
Because I’m not into designer brands or fancy cars.
I would probably pay for a good editor to edit my novel,
maybe an agent to love it.

I feel like I might even want to give a million to people who I knew needed it more than me, ya know.
Even if they aren’t in my life. Like my old best friend’s family.
But like not to her, to her family.
Like give it to her brother to give to her mom.

Probably donate a million to an animal shelter somewhere.
That still doesn’t even make a dent in all that money.


I would give a million to my counselor
under the table
for putting up with me even though that’s her job.
And I would buy my last boyfriend a new car
cause I know he really needed one


I would give a friend a million plus their college tuition so it’s like they never had to spend their own money

I would give my good friend a million because she’s been my one consistent friend for 10 years
I would give her brother like 85,000
for saying I was his favorite of his sister’s friends.

He also told me I was pretty once.


I would open up the restaurant I’ve always wanted to open
and give my dad the money to open up his.
I would pay off our house and cars
And I would buy my parents a house wherever my mom wants to live
because she’s not so secretly been wanting to move


You know even after all that I would still have like, 700 million.
Isn’t that crazy?


I would donate to my high school theater
so they can have the money to buy rights to cooler shows.
I would fund a musical club at the university.
Or even open up a new community theater, that does musicals all the time.
I would donate to the middle school I work at
so they can buy all the kids the right sweater
so teachers don’t have to get mad at the kids
for wearing pink instead of red

I would buy a Saint Bernard puppy.
And hire a trainer to train it too.
I would get my brother a new car since his is literally falling apart.
I would give my old high school counselor a million
just for being a good counselor and being really nice to me


When I finished doing all the giving:
I will probably go out to eat with my family and not look at the bill when I pay
we will even order appetizers
I’ll try not to feel bad about all the money I spent at a restaurant.
I would tip the waiter well, just to make their day
Then put most of it in savings but maybe use some of it to move
to like New York or something.
I would buy a Mac desktop with three monitors
which I would put at my window that has a view of something, anything
so long as it is not a brick wall.
I feel like that would be the perfect writing tool.
I would also buy scrivener: a program for writing
I heard it’s awesome but it’s 50 bucks and I’m too cheap.

I’d pay to get my sweater replaced, since today I stained it with spicy mayo.
Then I’d reimburse my parents their money for the treadmill I said I would use
because we didn’t really.

I’d take Leonardo DiCaprio on a fancy date,
in hopes the money will proudly say: “Age is just a number.”

I would likely still work but I would feel okay if it wasn’t super high paying
I would have my lottery money to help me out.

So then I read an article titled, “If You Win the Lottery.”

It said not to do what I said I’d do.
Because supposedly  you don’t actually win that much.
So, if I win the lottery,
I guess I would hire a tax attorney.


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