Hats Off

(You’re correct if you guessed that it’s kinda late and that I should be asleep (and/or working on my novel that I’m almost done with!! (!!!! (more about this a little later)) and that I’m sitting here eating something that maybe I shouldn’t be eating (in this case it’s a Ramen noodle soup (the cup kind) that my (boy)friend told me I shouldn’t eat (but who  can say no to Ramen? (what else is this delicious for only 28 cents???(by the way I also feel like I should mention that my nose is running incessantly (I had to google that last word to make sure I had the definition correct))))).)

Greetings all! And congratulations on making it to another summer (I mostly mean this like congrats on getting through your school years and such).

So writing this is currently more important than sleep for two reasons:
1) It’s my WordPress anniversary! Happy 2(?) years to my blog (that I scarcely see anymore (but we are not talking about that))!!


2) I had one of those extreme motivational moments (the kind I always seem to get after my brain falls apart and then randomly gets put together (resulting in a burst of motivation like this one)).

The latter is the most important.

But I’ll get to that.

So, a few things have happened to me since I’ve last logged on.

  • I didn’t win the lottery.
  • I chopped off my hair
  • and cut bangs
  • I learned to play poker (this is really important to me okay!!)
  • I turned 21
  • I (finally) got a new phone
  • I applied (and got into) grad school
  • I’ve come down to the last two chapter of my novel that I (promise) am writing
  • and I graduated

At least this is all I can remember. And well, first things first, while I was extremely saddened by the fact that I did not in fact win the lottery, I did manage to get to graduation and let me tell ya, the post-grad life is a tough life. It’s like I knew I wasn’t sure what I was going to do when I finished, but then I finished, and I became a little more confused than ever. I do however plan on getting my master’s degree so that I can teach some intro college courses (I tutored 8th grade for two years and I’m not sure I’d have the patience to teach grade school (props to everyone who does)).

And even though I’m starting school up again, it still kind of feels like I’m doing nothing, which you can imagine is really difficult for someone who either worked all year or went to school all year (most times both (except last summer)). So when my tutoring job wrapped up along with the school year, I felt sorta like a washed up whale (but minus the whale part and more the part where I had washed onto shore and was kinda just stranded there on the sand).

So I landed a part time job where my sister works while I wait to start grad school (and I plan to work during, because my school loans unfortunately will not pay themselves). And here’s something: I start tomorrow. Which honestly, is probably why I got this motivation.

I have this thing where I enjoy planning my days down to the minute and then the next day attempt to follow my schedule and wind up not sticking to it at all and using my 3-hour block to tan instead of write (though I promise both my tan and my novel have progressed). So to have a legitimate schedule actually helps me a ton. So I’ve done what I do best and have written down a minute-to minute itinerary for my day tomorrow and I’m excited to attempt it because I have given myself two hours after work to work on my novel.

I’m so close to the end I’m getting antsy that my fingers can’t type any quicker even though I’m a pretty swift typer (courtesy of too many hours playing Runescape and IMing on hotmail messenger when I was in 5th grade). And I would just like to give myself a nice pat on the back because never before have I gotten so far with a novel. I came pretty close once (I reached the climax of my story and then had no idea how to get down the hill (all in 48,000 words), but this time I’ve reached a milestone that I have never reached before.

I’m two chapters to the end and I’ve got them all planned out (just not written out).

I’ve got roughly 72,000 words so you can say that I’m over the moon right now. IT’S A PRETTY BIG DEAL.

So while I still feel like am in the post-grad slump, I’ve realized that it’s okay if I don’t exactly have my big-girl job yet. Because the truth is that first and foremost, I am a writer.

And you know what? That is my big-girl job.

Over and out.






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